Attention  : Seasoned Investors and First time Investors, This is for you !
 Property Investment Secrets in Thailand
Grit Property Group is delighted to present this Webinar on Property Investment Secrets in Thailand which will blow your mind! This webinar is starting on 7th of March 2019 at 6 pm AEST , Please register for the webinar Today !
 Property Investment Secrets in Thailand !
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What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Secret #1: 
Why Thailand ?
Boasting of over 32 Million Tourists per Annum, Thailand is one of the best investment destinations on planet earth !
Secret #2: 
Guaranteed Rental Returns of 9%
You heard it right ! 
Guaranteed Rental Returns up to 20 years !
Secret #3: 
Buy Back Guarantee !
You heard it right again ! 
Buy back guarantee as well !

Navin De Silva
Global Property Expert
About The Speaker:
Navin De Silva has assisted hundreds of investors worldwide to create wealth using investment properties globally. Known to be a Investor, Developer, Wealth Creator and a Property Investment Advocate, him and his company Grit Property Group hand picks  the right investments for investors worldwide. Based out of Australia, Navin has a proven track record of achievements over the past 9 years on the property investment arena!
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